What It Costs

Our Premium Service


Costs £80 per match (up-to 5 sets). With this service we provide only you with the analysis and will never share the video or this analysis with others.

Our Standard Service


Costs £50 per match (up-to 5 sets). With this service any videos submitted, and performance analysis gained from these, can be used and shared by us with other users. This allows us to build up a library of videos and associated performance analysis we can share with our other site users.

Our Custom Service


If you’d like to carry out custom analysis, create extra reports or carry out bulk analysis then please get in touch. We’re happy to discuss the options that work best for you.

Listed below are the charges we make for each match. If you need a bespoke package, please get in touch with us.

How much will it cost me?

TierNo. of MatchesStandard £Premium £
11 - 105080
211 - 254570
326 - 404060
441 +3550

What We Provide

Our analysis of your video matches allows us to produce a number of outputs. The following reports are supplied back to you:

(*) Please click on each report to see an example.

Additional Analyses

Any additional analyses will be chargeable based on time taken to collate the data as follows:

  • Standard DataVolley analyses are charged at £3 per analysis per match
  • Custom worksheets are chargeable at £10 minimum charge and £10 per hour spent after that. Your season stats will likely be standard analyses unless you are looking for highly specified statistics (see Skill Detail by Player analysis as this can be done over many matches and gives you lots of data).

Please Note

Our standard turnaround time, based on receipt of video (i.e. successful upload notification), is 3 days max. We would be happy to discuss a shorter turnaround time for some games although this service would incur an extra charge of £15 per game and require 10 days’ notice.